Useful Home Remedies for Hangover

man nursing hangover

Hangover is the kind of feeling that will make you promises to yourself that you won’t drink again. These hangovers will not last more than a day, but it has some effects, in most times, and can make you feel unbearable for the whole day.

You might have once woken up with a terrible headache after a crazy night and wonder if you happened to hit a wall, feeling nauseated and drained. However, below you will find some useful home remedies that will help you to overcome your hangover.


lemonsTaking lemons will help you to break and detoxify down that alcohol. It’s also good for refreshing and perfect for an upset stomach in times of hangovers. You need to add only two spoons of fresh lemon juice, a spoon of honey in a glass of warm water then drink it for two to three times after waking up.




You have to drink enough water because it’s another useful remedy. Water will help in hydrating your body, and it will also dilute all the impurities in your body. Make sure you drink eight glasses of water during the day to help you with the hangover.

Black Tea

Drinking black tea is yet another proper remedy. You need to add honey or some drops of lemon juice so that you can increase your tea effect. Tannic acid found in black tea will help to remove all alcoholic toxins accumulating in the body and also causing hangover.

Warm Bath

After you wake up with a hangover, you should take a very nice, hot shower. It will make you feel fresh, and it helps to drain toxins from your body. A warm bath is one of the fantastic ways for recovering from the hangover.


boiled eggsHaving eggs for your breakfast will be a perfect option. You can eat it inform of fried, scrambled or boiled. Eggs have a high protein content that will lower nausea feeling during your hangover.

Eggs also have cysteine, and it’s an amino acid that helps fight all the harmful effects caused by alcohol content. Once you take eggs when suffering from the hangover, you will be able to overcome it because of the high proteins found in eggs.


Apply some sugar or honey on your bread then toast it. You should eat it for breakfast. Eating toast will increase your intake of carbohydrates which will lead to the rise in the level blood sugar. It will help any person with the hangover have a low level of blood sugar.